Helen Labartkava

Founder of the Labartkava Image Laboratory school of stylists, founder of ARTCode creative agency, co-author of many projects, such as Stop&Reload, Reconstruction live reality show. He is a stylist and costume designer of the "first Russian theater" in Milan. Producer of many advertising campaigns in Ukraine and Italy. She worked as a stylist for Odessa Fashion Channel. The author of the GenerationME radio program.

The main rule -

Before you start destroying the frames and stereotypes of other people, deal with your fears and complexes, defeat them!

It is possible and necessary to teach only by example! The main, first and most important rule of a stylist is NO RULES!
Do not be "standard and unfashionable galoshes".
Beauty to all!


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Labartkava Lab

The school is for those who want and are ready to work primarily on themselves. In our school, you will find the course that you need.